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Floating or sticking voters: Which ones do you want to have?

„Don’t ever get political!“ was one valueable advice I got when opening up my business. Well, I am not. But I can’t help but talk about values in politics today. I saw this ad this morning, crossing the street to my office:

„Nur gemeinsam schaffen wir’s aus der Klimakrise. Menschlichkeit siegt.“ (SPÖ)

What the blue blazes? No, we won’t stop this climate crisis anytime soon, because it’s only the beginning we are experiencing right now. Because of people denying it, because of rather living cozy and inexpensive than adding one tiny little piece of the puzzle that probably won’t change a thing. Because of industries whose main goals are profit and growth. Which in the end has to lead to intensive livestock farming, child labour and pollution. Because entropie is what usually happens when you choose the path of least resistance. Everything else means: work. Passion. Or knowing one’s values and acting after them.

So – please – all parties of Austria. Know your values and stick to them! Don’t try to take that latest fear-theme to gain some percent. How should I know what you stand for? Do you want to have floating voters or ones that stick, based on the same values? Because then, you’d have to finally take a clear position.

Or: Change the game. Recruit (more or less) neutral experts for ministry-jobs. Like in Canada.

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